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Imaging directing customers to your brand new website, which is clean, easy to navigate and has deliberate calls to action which you can track. Sign up below to get a full list of our available services and find out we can do to personalise your website.

Save months spent chasing developers

Designing from scratch means a lot of back and forth between you and a design team. The whole process may take weeks and still not deliver any result.

You could spend months designing something that doesn't end up getting used, or you could use a proven website template that takes a few hours to set up!

High-converting, top notch design

Maybe you've been sold on the idea of a bespoke website that reflects the 'real' you. The truth is, people use your website for a purpose, not to read fun facts about your business.

The website you'll get from us is designed based on customer tracking and behaviour, making it easy to find and book your first aid courses.

A great deal that last a lifetime

Some web developers demand control of your entire web project, from design to hosting, tracking new customers and even making updates.

With us, it isn't a burden but a duty! We're custodians of your website domain for as long as you're with us, which means you get a fair and timely service, and pay only for hosting.

Key Benefits

Fast, responsive

No one's going to wait for your website to load — and with this template, they don't have to! Get a website built for speed and user experience.

Low, low cost

Get the full template, yours to use forever, for just the price of the hosting!

All whistles and bells

Get customised icons, graphics and photos.

Fully written website

No Latin fill-ins here! We've written all the website content you need to get started, from our own well-versed first aid training experience.

Only ever pay for hosting

All you'll continue to pay for your website is the hosting fee! That's an entire website for less than the average first aid group booking cost — and the same as about six weeks worth of morning coffees!

A fully customised website

How about a website that only takes an hour or two to set up before you're online and taking course bookings. Imagine getting customers through to your website almost as soon as you've set it up!

How it works

Pay for hosting

First thing's first, you'll need to pay so we can host your domain and get started.

Schedule meeting

Next, we'll plan and organise your website needs and arrange a meeting.

Onboard/ customise

In your free customising hour, we'll set up your content, photos and details

Extra perks

If you need any further customisation we can provide at an additional hourly charge.

So what are you waiting for?

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